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The release of ‘Diving’ follows the historical document CD ‘Circa Rip, Rig + Panic’ (spring 2017). The pianist and composer Mark Springer continues to challenge our notions of what is possible in contemporary music with a series of recordings that range from solo piano to chamber works for piano and strings and a forthcoming opera.

‘Diving’ consists of a series of beautifully recorded solo piano concerts in the UK and Italy that features music spontaneously composed in real time in front of a live audience. Achieving a fine balance of risk and creativity, this working process was discussed by Springer on the recent BBC Radio 4 programme ‘The Gamble’, which also featured musician Laura Mvula and actress Juliet Stevenson. It can be heard here : http://bbc.in/2CRdKok

Springer himself draws comparison with the 1968 movie ‘The Swimmer’ (starring Burt Lancaster), stating that “the basic premise behind the film is that this character is on a quest and literally immerses himself into different scenarios by diving into various pools. When I’m travelling from venue to venue, and from piano to piano, I throw myself into the experience, just like the swimmer. I am trying to challenge my audience’s perception of what a piano concert is and the surprises that can lead to a completely new work composed in that moment. Occasionally, as in the film, this can actually lead to conflict, anxiety and disquiet, as nobody knows what will happen next.”


Mark at the Piano


He continues : “My aim is to explore and find things beyond the habits and patterns that all musicians can fall into, while trying to extend the possibilities of what an instrument can do. I try to reflect the atmosphere of each particular room and even the spirit of the city and country in which the performances take place and channel these feelings. The surprise of working like this is that after a concert you're really excited to hear the music played back as you actually have very little idea of what you made until you listen to the recording and begin to understand what happened!”

A YouTube advert for ‘Diving’ can be seen here

A track from the album appears on a CD cover mount that accompanies the April 2018 issue of The Wire magazine.

Other recent releases of new music by Mark Springer include ‘The Watching Bird’ (2015), ‘Menu 2’ (2016) and the improvisational duo project Aparat with Arthur Jeffes of Penguin Café Orchestra (2016).


“Substantial works. One thinks of the flowing lyricism of Nyman’s work in this field or Gorecki’s seesawing lines”
THE WIRE (Watching Bird)

“Complex and assured works that manage to fit strident Cecil Taylor-esque pianism into lyrically delineated structures"
JAZZWISE (Watching Bird)

“Characterised by tonal moods whose warm, measured qualities evoke the trills of Bax or Ravel. Bristling with momentum, it’s exhilarating and adventurous”
PROG (Watching Bird)

“Eerily elusive chamber music scored with a Bernard Herrmann-esque precison”

“This is Steve Reich territory, only here with more dynamic tension and often romantic intent. Utterly beguiling ****”
JAZZ JOURNAL (Watching Bird)

“New classical pieces that lean on his love of jazz. Fascinating listening that will expand the horizons of his post-punk following”
CLASSIC POP (Watching Bird)

“To what degree the pieces are improvised or pre-arranged is lost in irrelevance, for the sonic variation is as seamless as it is endless. 8 out of 10”
UNCUT (Aparat)

“Reflective solos that evince both Michael Nyman and Keith Jarrett ****”
MOJO (Circa)

“Avant garde music that constantly surprises. Quite a journey. 8 out of 10”

“Fascinating collection from an overlooked figure at the intersection of British pop and jazz ****




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